Do you know how much we care about your iPhone?

An iPhone remanufactured by Remade carries the promise of an exceptional level of both aesthetic and functional quality.

Since 2013, we have developed in France a unique industrial know-how. The 500 Remade employees, engineers, operators and managers are all trained to ensure the excellence of our products and services.

We do not simply refurbish, we remanufacture entierly.


An iPhone by Remade is much more than a refurbished iPhone.
Furthermore, there is no need to look for the grades of our smartphones, there aren’t any.

We pay very particular attention to the components that ensure the safety and performance of your iPhone by Remade.

iPhone battery


Conception of a “battery and connectors” set, certified by the independent TÜV laboratory.


Chemical treatment of the original manufacturer’s component, for an unrivalled aesthetic quality while maintaining the electronic performance.

Back cover iPhone
iPhone screen


Industrial reprocess of the original LCD layer and remanufacturing of the entire screen in a clean room.


Detection and treatment of all electronic failures.

Processing iPhone motherboard

Our ambition is to extend the life of the iPhone in a more responsible and more sustainable way.

By buying an iPhone remanufactured by Remade you make an economic and environmental gesture. Our iPhone avoids CO2 emissions and the use of scarce natural resources. In doing this, you control your environmental footprint and help preserve the planet.