Why an iPhone by Remade is an exceptional iPhone?

Remade buys, inspects, repairs, remanufactures and distributes iPhone worldwide. Our mission is to extend the life of an iPhone in a responsible and sustainable way.

Remade Refurbished iPhone Performance


Remade offers the highest level of performance on the market for the new life of your iPhone. We reuse the original components to ensure an optimal user experience.


Every iPhone remanufactured by Remade promises a safe usage. We pay an extreme attention to the battery of your iPhone. We automatically replace the old iPhone batteries by a new Remade battery, certified by an independent laboratory in every remanufactured iPhone. Finally, accessories are all compliant with European standards (EC).

Refurbished iPhone security Remade
Remade Refurbished iPhone Warranty


Buying an iPhone remanufactured by Remade is also having access to our customer service near our industrial sites , to answer all your questions and requests. Our RemadeCare experts will always be at your side to help you if needed.


Choosing an iPhone by Remade is choosing a high-performance smartphone, at the best price, in a responsible way. We fight for a virtuous and sustainable approach to the high-tech industry. We also strongly believe in circular economy, Remade makes it possible. Our remanufactured iPhone saves CO2 emissions and preserves rare natural resources, for the good of the planet.

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Original range or exclusive series

Which one will you choose?

An exceptional iPhone.

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